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Indian Cuisine

Indian cooking is broadly divided into five regional groups. The Northern and Eastern regions have had the Persian Mogul influences over the centuries and as such Mogul Emperors encouraged and patronised the development of Mogul cuisine, music, architecture and art. Persian charcoal filled clay ovens cooking kebabs, pilau and biryani are typical of the western regions. In addition on the Western and Eastern coasts, there is a wide variety of fish and shellfish, featuring distinctly in Goa.

The resulting fusion of custom, lifestyles, cuisines and traditions gives India its distinct, unparalleled style and character. Exotikka attempts to capture the spirit of old India with a menu that reflects its cosmopolitan character and is culled from the finest of India’s exiting and varied cuisines. Here you will find the sumptuous cuisines of the Mogul emperors, wholesome Punjabi fare, the earthy delights of the north-west frontier... and more, in an environment with the ambience of an age gone by.

It was this wealth of culinary tradition at their hand that the management of Exotikka opened their restaurant. The success of Exotikka is no doubt due to the control and mastery of the kitchen as much as the front of house.

Careful and expert control takes place over all food preparations including the daily blending of the spices, which have to be separately prepared each day afresh for each individual dish, which go to ensure that the dishes range from the subtle to something more exotic.

The subtleties and flavours of Exotikka cuisine are quite different from many other restaurants. Amongst the dishes chosen for this menu, you will find many enjoyable explosions of your taste buds from all five regions.

Including the addition of ancient Indian herbs, spice and vegetables, essential now proven to be medicinal in our everyday lives.